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BYDWYR (Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach) was created to inspire creativity in children through. Our company aims to do this by creating creative learning games, storytelling card games, and children’s story books for kids online that allow children to explore the world and more.

Our Vision

We share a common set of beliefs and goals when it comes to fueling a child’s imagination and sparking their creativity.
  • We believe that children have a right to dream and these dreams need to be unleashed and showcased to the world.
  • We also believe that dreams can lead to ideas. And, that ideas lead to big innovations. It is this way children can grow their ideas to change the world.
  • We believe the world can use more diverse books and movements that help provide that much needed literature to children

Have you heard of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement? It’s a movement that is devoted to getting books with diverse characters promoted, on library shelves, and into the hands of kids. This isn’t a good idea, it’s desperately needed. Children need to see themselves in books just as much as they need to see children not like themselves. Books are powerful points of access to new ideas, experiences, and ways of life and don’t require more than a library card to read. This book list is for children who might see themselves in these books but it is also for all children who might see someone new and see that no matter how different our lives on the outside might be, there is always something we have in common.”


Calling all dreamers!

Our company also aims to help promote inspiring kids of all ages to reach their dreams.

Beyond your dreams, within your reach – BYDWYR.

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