Each Storymaker card set is available in PDF format for $7.50 or as a set of cards for $11.95.


Enter the World of Fantasy


Let your child create stories of wonderment with the Storymaker Cards Fantasy Set. 38 beautifully illustrated cards capture your child’s sense of adventure as they use the characters, objects and landscapes to create their own fantasy. Cards can be used in any order and with any combination – there are no boundaries! Let your child’s imagination guide them to a land of magical mystery and see what adventure awaits. Includes 12 characters, 13 objects and 13 landscapes.

Countdown to Creativity


10, 9, 8…you’re moments away from the launch of your child’s imagination. The Storymaker Cards Outer Space Set features 38 cards with captivating illustrations that allow your child to mix and match different characters, space vehicles, animals and planets to create a world of space exploration. Watch your little one’s imagination take flight as they zoom through the stars in their own stories of intergalactic adventure. We have lift off! Includes 12 characters, 13 planets and 13 space vehicles and animals.

Discover the Imagination Superpower


With the great Storymaker Cards Superheroes Set comes great responsibility – to create amazing stories of heroism, that is. 37 cards with kid-pleasing illustrations allow your child to choose from different characters, landscapes, vehicles, animals and weapons to create heroic stories of heart-pounding adventure. Give your child the opportunity to uncover their greatest superpower – their imagination. Includes 15 characters, 11 landscapes and 11 vehicles, animals and weapons.

Sea a New World


With the Storymaker Cards Underwater Set, your child will love creating and exploring their own marine world. Watch their imagination dive into the wonders of under-water exploration and mystery with these 27 beautifully illustrated cards. The cards can be played in any order and with any combination, allowing your child to use the mix of characters, objects and places to create a myriad of exciting stories. Includes 9 characters, 10 objects and 8 places.

Discover a Land Far, Far Away


Once upon a time, there was only one way to begin a fairy tale. The Storymaker Cards Fairy Land Village Set breaks the mold by giving your child the freedom to imagine and create magical stories any way they want. 36 beautifully illustrated cards let your little one choose different characters, objects and places to create unique tales filled with palaces, rainbows and mystery. Includes 12 characters, 12 objects and 12 places.

Storymaker Create-A-Story


The Storymaker is you. As the Storymaker, you have 36 cards with pictures of characters, places and objects. All can be used to create a story. There are no right or wrong ways to use the deck of cards. A few ways the cards can be used are shown here. But there are many other ways that are not listed. Using your imagination you will find new ways to create stories and play with your friends.

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